Dayak tribe

 This Is Article About Dayak Dayak   Dayak is the name of a native of Borneo Island that currently still lives in the interior of Borneo. Dayak tribes have maritime or maritime culture because their names have many meanings and are related to rivers (because of the many rivers found in the interior of Borneo). The meaning of the word ‘dayak’ itself is debatable.

Dayak is the name of a native of Borneo Island who currently still live in the interior of Borneo. Indigenous Dayak tribes have maritime or maritime culture because their names have many meanings and are related to rivers (because of the many rivers found in the interior of Borneo).

The meaning of the word ‘dayak’ itself is debatable. ‘Dayak’ means man, while many others claim that the word means inland. That the Iban people use the term Dayak with the human meaning, while the Tunjung and Benuaq people interpret it as a river upstream.

There are many Dayak tribes in Kalimantan, some of which divide the Dayaks into six clumps, namely clumps of Klemantan alias Kalimantan, Iban clumps, Apokayan clumps of Dayak Kayan, Kenyah and Bahau, Murut clumps, Ot Danum-Ngaju clumps and Punan clumps.

The most tribe is the Dayak Kenyah tribe who have accessories as their body jewelry  . Generally Dayak tribe has jewelry in the form of beads made of natural stone.

Formerly these stones were formed by hand and without the aid of the machine, so the color is dull when compared with the modern factory-made beads. In addition, there are also differences in weight on the rocks and the beads. If you want to prove that the beads are original from the Dayak tribe or not, then it should be tested by burning it.

Generally, Dayak people, especially Dayak men do not know other stone accessories other than beaded jewelry. Commonly used accessories are those from their hunting animals, such as canines and bear teeth, pig fangs. If in Papua fangs pigs made into jewelry inserted in the nose, the Dayak tribe, the fangs are made into the “fruit” of their necklaces.

In addition, the unique characteristics of other Dayak tribes are tattoos, where tattoos for Dayak people have a very deep meaning. Tattoos for the Dayak ethnic community are part of the tradition, religion, social status of a person in society, and can also be a form of tribal appreciation of one’s ability. Therefore, tattoos can not be made carelessly.

Therefore, the more tattoos, the “torch” will get brighter and the road to the realm of the more spaciousness. Nevertheless, tattoo making can not be made as much as possible indiscriminately, because it must comply with custom rules.

Both tattoos on men or women, traditionally made using long orange spines. Along with the development of the era then use several pieces of needles at once. What does not change is the material of tattooing that usually uses soot from a black pot.

To see the Dayak tribe we can see easily in Pampang Cultural Village in Samarinda and Capgomeh Cultural Festival in Singkawang. If you want to see live Dayak tribe can take 2-3 days trip down river in Kalimantan. Today there are many Dayak tribes who mingle with the community. May their indigenous culture stay awake.


Visit the Floating Market on the Barito River

It is  not yet legal to come to Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan if you have not visited the Barito River floating market. Traditional markets that may be the only one in the country that has become one of the mainstay attractions in the area.

Therefore, anyone who comes to Banjarmasin, always take the time to visit the floating market located in the Barito River that divides the city.

What is unique again, floating market is only there in the morning that start at 06.30 to 08.00 WITA. If it is past the hour, then it no longer exists.

The rare opportunity is also used by the contingents of various provinces who follow the National Sports Weekist (Porwanas) XI / 2013 in Banjarmasin, including athletes and official Aceh.

“I think this is a rare opportunity, therefore we take the time to look closely at the activity of buying and selling in this floating market,” said Rusli Ismail, one of Aceh contingent.

He states, the existence of this floating market is well known throughout Indonesia as one of the attractions, so it would be a loss if those who have come to Banjarmasin not take the time to simply shop while enjoying the calm of Barito River.

He said that sitting in a coffee shop is common and almost there in every region, but drinking coffee or tea while eating a piece of cake in the boat a different thing, because it can not be implemented every day.

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Named floating market, because it is a sale and purchase transactions conducted in boats that are small and medium. Items sold almost the same as the existing markets in the mainland. And generally the needs of everyday foods, such as fish, vegetables, and fruits.

In the floating market there are also traders who sell ready-to-eat foods, such as coffee, tea, cakes, rice for breakfast with various menus, such as soto banjar, fried fish, and satay.

To go to the floating market that entered the area of the village of Kuin Alalah, North Banjarmasin that visitors must come early to the port in the village of North Kuin or precisely in front of Masjid Sultan Suriansyah.

Lok Baintan floating market on the Martapura River in the morning. This market can be reached by kelotok from Banjarmasin with long journey about one hour. The market is located in Kecamatan Sungai Tabuk, Banjar, South Kalimantan.

For tourists who are Moslems, they usually perform the Subuh Prayer in the mosque whose building is made of ironwood. Just departed to the floating market by using a motorized boat with a passenger maximum of 10 people.

Sightseeing mainstay 

Floating market is one of the mainstay attractions in Banjarmasin because almost every day both domestic and foreign tourists always take time to come to the location.

Muslim, one of the ship owners said, almost every day an average of 100 tourists who come to the market floating.

Generally they really enjoy the trip because in addition to the floating market, tourists also enjoy the life of people who are along the river basin whose house is all made of wood.

The question of tourists, although made of wood, but the house is very sturdy and not rotten wood.

According to Muslim, the wood used for the house is ulin wood, so the longer the submergence will be stronger.

On the way in the Barito River visitors can also visit a place that is not less unique from the floating market itself, namely the Flower Island.

The island is in the middle of the Barito River is overgrown with trees typical of Borneo and inhabited a long tailed monkey herd and bekantan (mantle nose nose).

Arriving at the jetty of Pulau Kembang, visitors are immediately greeted by long-tailed monkeys who are usually after food. Looks like the herd of monkeys know the visitors carrying food, like bananas, so that the long tailed beast immediately gathered on the dock when there are guests who come.

However, of the many long-tailed monkeys, none of the monkeys are there.

A bekantan (Nasalis larvatus) perched on a limb in Bukut Island, a delta in the middle of the Barito River beneath the Barito bridge, Barito Kuala District, South Kalimantan on Saturday (05/26/2013). From the bridge or from klothok boat can be witnessed bekantan jumping from branch to branch.

According to Dian, the manager of the island, in this forest there are still between 20 to 30 heads of bekantan, but the swarm of monkey nose monkeys do not like out to the edge of the forest.

“The behavior of the proboscis is very different from that of a long-tailed monkey. Bekantan has a shy nature. So if many monkeys do not want to go out, “he said.

To enter the area of the island, visitors must pay, for domestic tourists only Rp 5,000 while foreign tourists Rp 25,000 per person.

Mansyursyah, one of the visitors said, should the local government should take care of this location, by adding adequate supporting facilities, so that tourists who come can enjoy it. “This is a regional asset that must be maintained,” he said


Jengkol Rich Nutrition

Archidendron jiringa aka jengkol is not a foreign item for the people of the land. Many liked and much hated, peanut relatives are always presented in various restaurants. Starting from a class of street vendors to flashy restaurants in the capital. Despite the unpleasant smell, most fans are reluctant to completely leave the favorite menu. Can be understood because after cooking, jengkol fruit seeds become soft and soft texture like jackfruit seeds.

In addition to typical flavor, jengkol seeds are also rich in nutrients. Research shows jengkol contains proteins, carbohydrates, various types of vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus. Even the content of vitamin C in every ounce of jengkol seeds ranged from 57-91 mg. Vitamin C oranges at best 50 mg / 100 ounces of fruit flesh. In addition to vitamin C, jengkol seeds also contain vitamin B complex and vitamin A. Both function to maintain the function of vision and blood circulation. Never be the same again as you were for the past years, try your luck by visiting and taking action on

However, excessive consumption also means inviting trouble. The content of jengkolat acid has the potential to trigger kidney stones. In addition, the urine of people who just consumed jengkol will smell very stinging. That’s why jengkol fans should increase drinking water. During urination it is advisable to flush to clean to minimize the unpleasant odor that menguar.


Rare Borneo fruit plants are cultivated in North Barito

North Barito Regency, Central Kalimantan, cultivates hundreds of typical Kalimantan fruits that are now beginning to be difficult to find.

“This year, around 500 seeds of rare fruits grown in this region’s forests to prevent extinction,” said Head of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barito Utara, Setia Budi, at Muara Teweh on Tuesday.

According to him, hundreds of fruits were developed in the central area of ​​horticultural nursery hortikulutra North Barito regency government, in the 7 kilometers State Road Muara Teweh-Puruk Cahu area of ​​6.5 Hectare.

Rare fruits that can only be found in the surrounding forest in the inland district of Central Kalimantan, including  tangkuhis  books ,  kapul, mangosteen, and  tangaring. 

“These fruits are developed using the grafting system, graft and seeds. The seedlings are given free of charge to residents along with manure,” he said.

Budi explained, these local fruits have been partially planted several years ago in this nursery area with a terracing system in the hilly area and this place became the center of agro.

In addition, the agro-tourism center is also developed empun-empun species such as lemongrass, ginger, laos and key findings and rare medicinal plants such as saluang not yet, pasak bumi and crown god.

Also other fruit trees, among them seedless salak, lowland kelengkeng, local cempedak, cempedak king (without seeds), avocado, mango, orange siam, duku palembang, and rapiutan rapiah and hundreds of durian from various types of both local varieties and national superior

“For durian we have local varieties of earth-driven type of patented into a national superior developed with the pattern of ukolasi,” he said.


10 whale sharks were identified in Talisayan Kaltim

The survey of the existence of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) conducted by the Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Management (BPSPL) Pontianak, Berau Marine and Fisheries Service, Mulawarman University and WWF – Indonesia in Talisayan, East Kalimantan, resulted in findings that need to be followed up.

Marine Species Officer of WWF-Indonesia, Casandra Tania when contacted from Pontianak, Monday said there has been no survey or identification of the existence of whale sharks in the region.

“The results of a survey conducted for four days of 16-19 September 2014, found 10 whale sharks,” he said.

Composition, 9 male tail and one female tail measuring from two meters to 7 meters.

According to Casandra Tania, the size of the whale shark found to be classified as a teenager or immature.

“The trend of whale sharks with the majority of immature male individuals is also found in the area of ​​Cenderawasih Bay National Park, West Papua; Papua and Ningaloo Reef, Australia. ”

“The international community of researchers is still uncertain about the whereabouts of individual whale sharks, chicks, and adults,” he said.

He added, whale sharks began to be known in Kalimantan since it appeared in the media coverage in late 2013. However, data on the emergence of whale sharks in Talisayan is still not available, including official data from the Directorate of Area Conservation and Fish Types (KKJI).

“Next year, the plan will be done further research,” said Casancra Tania.

Meanwhile, Head of Coastal and Marine Resources Management Center (BPSPL) Pontianak, Directorate General of Coastal and Small Islands (KP3K), Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (YPIT) Yulita Wismaneli said there is still a lot of information to be extracted from fully protected fish based on KEPMEN KP No. 18 of 2013 on the Determination of the Status of Whale Shark Protection, because of the lack of data and information.

“BPSPL Pontianak facilitates the initial scientific research by conducting a Whale Shark Identification Survey at Talisayan,” he said.

While the head of DKP Berau, Fuadi, through the Head of Coastal and Small Islands Conservation and Development Section, Yunda Zuliarsih, said, whale sharks around the chart in Talisayan Waters provide opportunities for tourism development. However, before any tourism (tourism) activities are initiated, surveys for early information gathering need to be done so that tourism activities do not flourish wildly.
The whale sharks or those of the Talisayan community known as the shark or Labetti (spotted fish) will be the fascinate and marine tourism icons for Talisayan Subdivisions.

Surveys have been the initial stages of Whale Shark study in Talisayan.

“BPSPL Pontianak plans to conduct further surveys next year to deepen existing information by involving many parties such as from scientific authorities (LIPIs), Universities and NGOs in its implementation,” said the responsible for survey activities and Balikpapan Satpires, BPSPL Pontianak, Isaac Yusma.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. The species is believed to grow up to 18 -20 m, but rarely find specimens measuring 12 m in weight with 20 tonnes. Despite its size, whale sharks tend to be benign and harmless to humans.

This shark has a gray 2 mm thick leather and is decorated with white totol. According to scientists, the totol-totol pattern is considered unique for each individual and can be used as a basis for the identification of individual whale sharks.

Tropical and subtropical waters are warm (18-30 C) except in the Mediterranian Sea can be found presence of whale sharks. This fish is a migratory animal.

It is suspected that individuals whale sharks encountered in Ningaloo Reef, Australia migrate to the Philippines through Indonesia.

In Indonesia, whale sharks are found in the waters of Sabang, West Kalimantan, Berau, Situbondo, Probolinggo, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Alor, Flores, North Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua. In the Probolinggo area, East Java is seasonal in January-March, while in Kwatisore, Teluk Cenderawasih, West Papua, whale sharks are present throughout the year. Trends in other locations, especially in Talisayan, still need further research.


Disinfect Pests Without Pesticides

Silkworm Wealer (Maruca Restualis). When young, the caterpillar is green. As the ages grow, the color of the caterpillar gradually becomes dark brown. These pests attack the pod by piercing the skin of the pod, then eat the fruit flesh and young seeds in it.

There is a very environmentally friendly way to overcome this pest, ie with ant rangrang. Scientifically, every animal has a natural enemy, in this case reproduce ants rangrang to kill caterpillar pests on the long bean in particular, can be an alternative pesticide exterminator without pesticides.


Prevent Mobile Theft in This Way

Since the case of cell phone theft has been rampant and the number continues to increase. But along with technological developments, theft of mobile phones can be prevented by setting the security system on the phone. Especially on Android-based smart phones, iOS and BlackBerry devices.

To set up the security system on your smartphone, Gear Live, Monday (19/8) launches several things that can be done, including:

1. Creating a strong password
This is a simple method as a prefix that can be used to protect the phone from unknown access . On Android devices, passwords can be created with patterns, numeric codes or tap codes. While appointed iPhone 5S, Apple has patented the fingerprint as the access code unlocks the phone.

2. Enable location tracking
In some smartphone models, manufacturers have embedded GPS features that can determine the location of the phone. This helps you keep track of your phone remotely. You can use this feature to track stolen phones or report to the authorities where your phone is located. That way the police will find it easier.

3. Enable automatic data backup
Generally the unfortunate thing about losing the phone is the loss of data stored in it. Therefore if your smartphone platform offers a data backup service to a cloud computing storage system, the wise choice is to use it. By enabling this service at least you do not need to lose data if the phone is lost and do not return. Apps, photos, movies and all data stored in the phone will come back when you get a replacement device.


A number of SBY Cabinet Ministers retreated

A number of ministers in the United Indonesia Cabinet (KIB) II will resign before their term ends on October 20, 2014. Because they will be sworn in as members of the House of Representatives. The first to announce his resignation was Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Jero Wacik. Monday (18/8) Jero declared to resign because will be inaugurated as a member of the House on October 1.

Jero’s resignation will be followed by a number of other ministers who also declared a seat in Senayan. Among other things, the Minister of SME and Cooperative Syarief Hasan, Menhut Zulkifli Hasan, Minister of Transportation EE Mangindaan, Minister of PDT Helmy Faishal Zaini, and Menkominfo Tifatul Sembiring. With the resignation of the ministers, the ministries left behind have to be handled by the coordinating minister (Menko) for the remaining term of office, which is 20 days.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Chairul Tanjung (CT) confirmed that several ministers under his coordination immediately stepped down. “So, there are indeed some ministers who are members of parliament. Of course if they choose, then choose to be a member of parliament and it seems certain (resign). If you choose to be a minister you live 20 days. If the DPR members are five years old. Common sense is, the president will appoint an interim minister and handled by the Coordinating Minister, “he said when met at the presidential palace complex yesterday.

Among the retired ministers, most are under coordination. At least CT will also be positioned in five ministries, namely Ministry of PDT, Ministry of ESDM, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of SME and Cooperatives, and Ministry of Transportation. However, for CT it is not a problem. “It’s only 20 days, no impact. During this time I also work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until October 20, “he said.

CT also mentioned that the resignation of some ministers will not have a big effect on the transition period of government. He stressed, once there is a decision of the Constitutional Court, President SBY will invite the president-elect to talk to him related to it. “So, if the decision of the Court has occurred, Pak SBY will invite Mr. Jokowi. Asked what the need, said the view of Mr. SBY. Later the deal was made, “explains CT.

Meanwhile, Minister of SME and Cooperative Syarief Hasan also admitted will resign from his post as minister. However, he has not been willing to reveal the timing of his resignation. “Later before I was inaugurated, I resigned. When it comes to waiting for the KPU’s decision, report it to the president, the president will issue a decree, just come out, “he said at the presidential palace compound.

For information, Minister of EMR Jero Wacik announced his resignation at the 4th Energy Award awards ceremony in Kartini Hall yesterday. He stated his goodbyes for being sworn in as a member of the House on October 1. While the term of office of KIB II only ends October 20, 2014.


SBY Collect Ministers to Discuss MK’s Decision Tomorrow

President  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY)  has followed the lawsuit of the camp of Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Rajasa in the Constitutional Court (MK).

On the decision of the Constitutional Court, Thursday (21/08/2014), the President requested that the public can accept whatever decision issued by the Court.

“Hopefully, the decision of the Constitutional Court should be acceptable to all the people and keep each other in order not to happen things that are counter productive,” said Presidential Spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha, in Jakarta, Wednesday (20/08/2014).

Julian said, the President has also instructed the police to carry out the established security procedures.

President SBY has delayed his trip to Papua to attend Raja Ampat Sail. SBY was originally scheduled to depart on Thursday morning.

“However, in view of the final decision plan of the presidential dispute by the Constitutional Court, the President’s departure to Papua, originally planned tomorrow morning of 21 August 2014, was postponed,” Julian said.

Even today, President Yudhoyono held a sudden meeting of polhukam together with a number of ministers and heads of institutions, such as Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto, Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi, National Police Chief Sutarman and Commander General of the Moeldoko.

The meeting was conducted to find out the latest situation report before the decision of the Constitutional Court.

Based on the information he received, Sutarman said there was no mass mobilization that led to the riots.

“The masses are going down in order, peaceful. However, we are ready to secure, “said the four-star general.


Palangkaraya Municipal Sanitation Department added 50 contractors

Palangkaraya ( – Market and Sanitation Office of Palangkaraya Municipal Government, Central Kalimantan, will add 50  contract workers  for 2015. This is done as an effort to improve the existing garbage management in Palangkaraya.

Head of Market and Sanitation Office of the City Government of Palangkaraya, Aratuni D Djaban, Wednesday (27/8/2014) said that the addition is absolutely necessary, because the lack of personnel and equipment owned.

“There will be 50  contractors , 15 units of container 8 M3 capacity equal to 40 TPS able to accommodate 48.000 soul. And procurement 3 Amrol,” he said.