At Another Company, Karen Can Get Salary above Rp 500 million a month

Karen Agustiawan’s retirement from his position as Pertamina’s President Director is considered to be the ultimate ignorance of the government that has not been professionally managing SOEs.

Former Secretary of the Ministry of SOEs Said Didu said Karen Agustiawan looks tired of facing the government that often makes Pertamina actually lose money. “I can analyze the cause of Karen’s retreat because she is tired of facing the dilemma of facing unprofessional government policies, such as the management of subsidized fuel that changes every time,” he said when talking to on Monday (18/08/2014).

According to him, one of the government’s unprofessional forms of Pertamina is to ban the state-owned oil and gas company to raise the price of non-subsidized 12 Kg elp. In fact, if the fuel price is not raised, the company will lose big enough. “Pertamina has lost Rp 6 trillion from the 12 kg LPG business. If Pertamina loses, this implicates the law to the President Director, “said Said.

Karen is President Director of Pertamina with a relatively long tenure of almost 5 years if compared to the previous president, which on average replaced between 2-3 years after taking office. Previously, he replaced Arie Soemarno.

Karen is also considered successful in improving the system in the  Fortune Global 500 companies  .

Said said, with a salary of about Rp 200 million a month, Karen often has to deal with various pressures. Whereas in other similar companies, Karen can get a salary above Rp 500 million per month without having to face political pressure.

“While in other more professional companies, Karen can be paid 2-3 times from Pertamina,” Said said.

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