At Another Company, Karen Can Get Salary above Rp 500 million a month

Karen Agustiawan’s retirement from his position as Pertamina’s President Director is considered to be the ultimate ignorance of the government that has not been professionally managing SOEs.

Former Secretary of the Ministry of SOEs Said Didu said Karen Agustiawan looks tired of facing the government that often makes Pertamina actually lose money. “I can analyze the cause of Karen’s retreat because she is tired of facing the dilemma of facing unprofessional government policies, such as the management of subsidized fuel that changes every time,” he said when talking to on Monday (18/08/2014).

According to him, one of the government’s unprofessional forms of Pertamina is to ban the state-owned oil and gas company to raise the price of non-subsidized 12 Kg elp. In fact, if the fuel price is not raised, the company will lose big enough. “Pertamina has lost Rp 6 trillion from the 12 kg LPG business. If Pertamina loses, this implicates the law to the President Director, “said Said.

Karen is President Director of Pertamina with a relatively long tenure of almost 5 years if compared to the previous president, which on average replaced between 2-3 years after taking office. Previously, he replaced Arie Soemarno.

Karen is also considered successful in improving the system in the  Fortune Global 500 companies  .

Said said, with a salary of about Rp 200 million a month, Karen often has to deal with various pressures. Whereas in other similar companies, Karen can get a salary above Rp 500 million per month without having to face political pressure.

“While in other more professional companies, Karen can be paid 2-3 times from Pertamina,” Said said.


The resignation of Pertamina’s President Director is Odd

President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Karen Agustiawan reportedly quit his post because he will teach at Harvard University. Economist Faisal Basri saw Karen’s resignation a bit odd.

Faisal claimed to have just heard the news of Karen’s retreat from the reporter’s question. “Based on the info from you, it is a bit odd if the reason to teach,” said Faisal at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Monday (18/08/2014).

According to Faisal, the reason for Karen’s retirement from Pertamina’s position is probably because something is happening and Karen is not able to bear the condition. However, he claimed not to speculate because he did not know Karen well.

“The pressures, but I do not know. I met Mrs. Karen just once, at the seminar. (I) do not know well, “said Faisal.

Nevertheless, Faisal said, basically, Pertamina and PLN are the two state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that have the largest contribution compared to all SOEs, which is about 70 percent. Thus, if there is a problem concerning the two SOEs and can be solved, there is no significant problem involving the BUMN as a whole.

“If the two are cleared up, yes it’s OK. But, his interests are extraordinary there. About fuel, not about another, such as octane, it’s more horrified again, “said Faisal.

Earlier, SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan said Karen had requested her resignation from office. According to Dahlan, Karen’s resignation was motivated by Karen’s desire to teach at Harvard University.

“Approximately one month away he became Pertamina’s president because he wanted to take care of himself, family, and want his next career, that he wanted to teach. He has been accepted teaching at Harvard, Boston. He wrote to Harvard when he could carry out his teaching. Therefore, I can not stand it anymore, “said Dahlan.


Stop Import, RI Need 10 New Sugar Factories

The high import of sugar has made the domestic sugar industry become sluggish. This is because the price of imported sugar is cheaper than local sugar.

PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero) is currently building a modern sugar factory in Banyuwangi with a capacity of 6,000 tons of sugar cane per day (tth) with the aim of reducing sugar importation.

However, the sugar factory called Glenmore will not be able to significantly reduce the amount of sugar imports reaching 2 million tth.

“It’s still not how, our imports are still high. But this part of our efforts, if you do not import Indonesia needs at least 10 more sugar factories whose capacity is the same as Glenmore, “said Director of PTPN XII Irwan Basri at the Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta, Wednesday (27/08/2014).

The Glenmore sugar factory will produce high quality sugar as it is claimed to be the most modern factory in Indonesia.

Not only that, the Cost of Goods Sold (HPP) that will be produced by the factory can be priced at Rp 5500 per kilogram (kg), where the price is far below the price of refined sugar.

“Refined sugar is landing in Indonesia costs Rp 7,500 per kg, so even then we will not be afraid of losing competitiveness with refining,” he said.

As is known, Glenmore integrated sugar factory was initially initiated consortium PTPN XII, PTPN III, PTPN XI. This consortium was established based on the Letter of SOE Minister.


The Relationship of Dreams with Brain Ability

Dreams are often referred to as the flower bed. But not just decorating sleep, it turns out the dream can be an indicator to know how his ability to think.

British psychologist from the University of Lincoln found that people who experience  lucid dreams  generally have better problem-solving skills. Lucid dream  is the ability to realize between the limits of dream and reality. In other words, even though they fall asleep they can usually realize when they are dreaming.

“A person can be said to have a  dream lucid  when he is able to see and remember most of the events that occur in his dream realm, and realize that he is dreaming. This ability then affects their thinking ability while awake, “said study leader Dr. Patrick Bourke, a lecturer at the School of Psychology in Lincoln.

In a study published in the  American Psychological Associaton  , researchers analyzed the types of dreams of 68 people aged between 18-25 years. They also measured participants’ cognitive abilities with a test. The result, participants who experience  lucid dream  able to answer about 24 percent more than those who have never experienced  lucid dream .

The person who has  lucid dream  has the ability to be aware of the inconsistencies that show that what he is experiencing is not real, so he realizes he is dreaming.

The ability to distinguish inconsistencies in a non-reality event is what trains the brain to get used to analyzing and realizing the inconsistencies that occur in real life when one is awake. This improves the quality of cognitive intelligence and problem-solving skills.

Although almost everyone claimed to have experienced  lucid dreams  at least once in his life, but 20 percent of them experienced a  lucid dream  routine once every month or so. “The results show that people who regularly experience  lucid dreams are  able to complete far more than people who do not experience lucid dream,” said Bourke.

This suggests that the consciousness experienced during dreaming may be related to the same basic cognition needed to be aware of things in a waking state. This study also noted, there are also participants who categorized as  high dream recaller  that is they are able to remember their dreams almost every day.

Participants in the category had better development at the temporo-parietal intersection and the prefrontal cortex of the brain, either asleep or awake. Both parts of the brain are responsible for encouragement, anxiety, and decision making.