Prevent Mobile Theft in This Way

Since the case of cell phone theft has been rampant and the number continues to increase. But along with technological developments, theft of mobile phones can be prevented by setting the security system on the phone. Especially on Android-based smart phones, iOS and BlackBerry devices.

To set up the security system on your smartphone, Gear Live, Monday (19/8) launches several things that can be done, including:

1. Creating a strong password
This is a simple method as a prefix that can be used to protect the phone from unknown access . On Android devices, passwords can be created with patterns, numeric codes or tap codes. While appointed iPhone 5S, Apple has patented the fingerprint as the access code unlocks the phone.

2. Enable location tracking
In some smartphone models, manufacturers have embedded GPS features that can determine the location of the phone. This helps you keep track of your phone remotely. You can use this feature to track stolen phones or report to the authorities where your phone is located. That way the police will find it easier.

3. Enable automatic data backup
Generally the unfortunate thing about losing the phone is the loss of data stored in it. Therefore if your smartphone platform offers a data backup service to a cloud computing storage system, the wise choice is to use it. By enabling this service at least you do not need to lose data if the phone is lost and do not return. Apps, photos, movies and all data stored in the phone will come back when you get a replacement device.

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