Rare Borneo fruit plants are cultivated in North Barito

North Barito Regency, Central Kalimantan, cultivates hundreds of typical Kalimantan fruits that are now beginning to be difficult to find.

“This year, around 500 seeds of rare fruits grown in this region’s forests to prevent extinction,” said Head of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barito Utara, Setia Budi, at Muara Teweh on Tuesday.

According to him, hundreds of fruits were developed in the central area of ​​horticultural nursery hortikulutra North Barito regency government, in the 7 kilometers State Road Muara Teweh-Puruk Cahu area of ​​6.5 Hectare.

Rare fruits that can only be found in the surrounding forest in the inland district of Central Kalimantan, including  tangkuhis  books ,  kapul, mangosteen, and  tangaring. 

“These fruits are developed using the grafting system, graft and seeds. The seedlings are given free of charge to residents along with manure,” he said.

Budi explained, these local fruits have been partially planted several years ago in this nursery area with a terracing system in the hilly area and this place became the center of agro.

In addition, the agro-tourism center is also developed empun-empun species such as lemongrass, ginger, laos and key findings and rare medicinal plants such as saluang not yet, pasak bumi and crown god.

Also other fruit trees, among them seedless salak, lowland kelengkeng, local cempedak, cempedak king (without seeds), avocado, mango, orange siam, duku palembang, and rapiutan rapiah and hundreds of durian from various types of both local varieties and national superior

“For durian we have local varieties of earth-driven type of patented into a national superior developed with the pattern of ukolasi,” he said.

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