Visit the Floating Market on the Barito River

It is  not yet legal to come to Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan if you have not visited the Barito River floating market. Traditional markets that may be the only one in the country that has become one of the mainstay attractions in the area.

Therefore, anyone who comes to Banjarmasin, always take the time to visit the floating market located in the Barito River that divides the city.

What is unique again, floating market is only there in the morning that start at 06.30 to 08.00 WITA. If it is past the hour, then it no longer exists.

The rare opportunity is also used by the contingents of various provinces who follow the National Sports Weekist (Porwanas) XI / 2013 in Banjarmasin, including athletes and official Aceh.

“I think this is a rare opportunity, therefore we take the time to look closely at the activity of buying and selling in this floating market,” said Rusli Ismail, one of Aceh contingent.

He states, the existence of this floating market is well known throughout Indonesia as one of the attractions, so it would be a loss if those who have come to Banjarmasin not take the time to simply shop while enjoying the calm of Barito River.

He said that sitting in a coffee shop is common and almost there in every region, but drinking coffee or tea while eating a piece of cake in the boat a different thing, because it can not be implemented every day.

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Named floating market, because it is a sale and purchase transactions conducted in boats that are small and medium. Items sold almost the same as the existing markets in the mainland. And generally the needs of everyday foods, such as fish, vegetables, and fruits.

In the floating market there are also traders who sell ready-to-eat foods, such as coffee, tea, cakes, rice for breakfast with various menus, such as soto banjar, fried fish, and satay.

To go to the floating market that entered the area of the village of Kuin Alalah, North Banjarmasin that visitors must come early to the port in the village of North Kuin or precisely in front of Masjid Sultan Suriansyah.

Lok Baintan floating market on the Martapura River in the morning. This market can be reached by kelotok from Banjarmasin with long journey about one hour. The market is located in Kecamatan Sungai Tabuk, Banjar, South Kalimantan.

For tourists who are Moslems, they usually perform the Subuh Prayer in the mosque whose building is made of ironwood. Just departed to the floating market by using a motorized boat with a passenger maximum of 10 people.

Sightseeing mainstay 

Floating market is one of the mainstay attractions in Banjarmasin because almost every day both domestic and foreign tourists always take time to come to the location.

Muslim, one of the ship owners said, almost every day an average of 100 tourists who come to the market floating.

Generally they really enjoy the trip because in addition to the floating market, tourists also enjoy the life of people who are along the river basin whose house is all made of wood.

The question of tourists, although made of wood, but the house is very sturdy and not rotten wood.

According to Muslim, the wood used for the house is ulin wood, so the longer the submergence will be stronger.

On the way in the Barito River visitors can also visit a place that is not less unique from the floating market itself, namely the Flower Island.

The island is in the middle of the Barito River is overgrown with trees typical of Borneo and inhabited a long tailed monkey herd and bekantan (mantle nose nose).

Arriving at the jetty of Pulau Kembang, visitors are immediately greeted by long-tailed monkeys who are usually after food. Looks like the herd of monkeys know the visitors carrying food, like bananas, so that the long tailed beast immediately gathered on the dock when there are guests who come.

However, of the many long-tailed monkeys, none of the monkeys are there.

A bekantan (Nasalis larvatus) perched on a limb in Bukut Island, a delta in the middle of the Barito River beneath the Barito bridge, Barito Kuala District, South Kalimantan on Saturday (05/26/2013). From the bridge or from klothok boat can be witnessed bekantan jumping from branch to branch.

According to Dian, the manager of the island, in this forest there are still between 20 to 30 heads of bekantan, but the swarm of monkey nose monkeys do not like out to the edge of the forest.

“The behavior of the proboscis is very different from that of a long-tailed monkey. Bekantan has a shy nature. So if many monkeys do not want to go out, “he said.

To enter the area of the island, visitors must pay, for domestic tourists only Rp 5,000 while foreign tourists Rp 25,000 per person.

Mansyursyah, one of the visitors said, should the local government should take care of this location, by adding adequate supporting facilities, so that tourists who come can enjoy it. “This is a regional asset that must be maintained,” he said

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